Heaven in a mouth!

Kamanda Lviv is primarily an excellent, proven kitchen. The menu included specialties Galician according to the rules before 120 years - including such delicacies as chabanina Tartar Hutsul blińczyki saganek and buckwheat. Still looking for the new flavors.

We make sure that everyone can find something for everyone. Our chefs watch over each dish and nobody will not let go until you know how it tasted. Undoubted curiosity Kamandy open kitchen - cooking for us, because this art. Everyone can view as glue dumplings and pielmieni.

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Restauracja Kamanda Lwowska

Foksal 10, 00-366 Warszawa

Telefon/Fax: +48 22 828 10 31, +48 512 240 502

E-mail: kontakt@kamandalwowska.pl

Opening hours: 12:00 - 24:00

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+48 22 828 10 31

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Panorama of Lviv in the background - 1918